You Won’t Believe What Cops Found in this House

Credit: solodescarga

Trousdale County, Tennessee — From the outside, this house looked like any other house in a well-to-do residential estate. But what police found inside is what makes it stand out from all other houses. Now known as Tennessee’s Pot Cave, the house was a facade designed to support a large scale cannabis growing operation.

According to police reports, there were over 1,000 plants in the basement of this house with some over 6 feet tall.

Police estimate the operation yielded 100 lbs of illegal herb every 2 months, and brought in over $3 million per year.

Police first got the tip off when an electric company worker showed up at the house unannounced to investigate a problem. The house was using massive amounts of electricity and causing constant power disruptions in the area.

The worker was chased off the property with a shotgun, who then reported the incident to local police. Cops have a keen sense when it comes to this sort of thing, so they obtained a warrant and conducted an early morning raid.

Here’s what they found…

1From The Outside, It Looks Just Like An Ordinary House In An Upper-Class Neighborhood…

Credit: solodescarga

2The Cops Search The House And Find A Hidden Passageway Behind A Normal Looking Door…

Credit: solodescarga

3This Led To A Hydraulic-Powered Heavy Steel Door. The Kind You Would See At Fort Knox…

Credit: solodescarga

4Directly Behind That Door Was A Cave, Where They Find A Treasure Trove Of Budding Cannabis Plants…

Credit: solodescarga

5They Walk Weeper Into The Cave And Find A Whole Plantation Of Plants…

Credit: solodescarga

6The Plants Were Supported By A Complex System Of Air Ducts, Water Irrigation, And Artificial Lighting…

Credit: solodescarga

7At The Rear Of The Cave, They See What Looks Like A Small Trap Door…

Credit: solodescarga

8Beyond The Trap Door Is A Ladder That Leads Up To A Larger Opening. Let’s Go Up…

Credit: solodescarga

9A Tunnel Constructed Using A Series Of Interconnected Metal Drainage Pipes…

Credit: solodescarga

10And 100 Yards From The House Was An Escape Hatch That Was Cleverly Disguised As A Large Rock…

Credit: solodescarga

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