Why You Should Never Exit Your Car at a Wildlife Park

Credit: Video Screen Grab

Beijing, China — What began as a normal family day at the Badaling Wildlife World safari park turned tragic when a woman and her daughter were attacked by a tiger.The younger woman got out of the car after arguing with her husband. While her back was turned, a tiger pounced her from behind and dragged her into the nearby tree line.

The mother, in a dire attempt to save her daughter, rushed from the car and ran after the tiger. The tiger let go of the daughter, but then viciously attacked the mother. Park workers, as well as the younger woman’s husband, can be seen on camera immediately coming to help the two women.

The mother succumbed to her wounds and her daughter was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. The couple’s child remained in the car and was unharmed.

The park prohibits visitors from exiting their vehicles, and are told to keep their windows closed and doors locked. Officials from the Yanqing County government are currently investigating the incident.

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