Woman Killed By Fire Ants While Making Funeral Arrangments for Mom

Credit: Facebook / Kalyn Rolan / CC

Wetumpka, Alabama — Kalyn Rolan, a 29-year-old mother of two, had just lost her dear mother the previous day. The next day, she was making funeral arrangements when tragedy suddenly struck again. Rolan was sitting on a haystack talking on her phone. But unbeknownst to her, the haystack housed a large colony of fire ants — the kind that viciously bite and leave painful red welts on your skin. And within minutes, she was swarmed and bitten by literally hundreds of angry fire ants.

Fire Ant Eggs
Credit: abbamouse / Flickr

Rolan had a severe allergic reaction to the ant bites. This caused her body to go into anaphylactic shock and her body swelled, blocking her ability to breathe. Her husband tried to help her by ripping off her clothes and called 911, but by the time help arrived it was already too late to save her.

Sheila Rolan, her mother-in-law, said:

“The ants just starting coming out of the haystack. My son grabbed her, threw her to the floor. She died in my son’s arms.”

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