Woman Driving To Work Makes Shocking Discovery In Trash Bag

Harlan, KentuckyMalissa Lewis was on her way to work one morning when she made a shocking discovery. Lewis was driving along the rural country road that she had driven hundreds of times to the elementary school where she works.

Suddenly, she came upon an unusual sight that that startled and confused her. After slowing down, she saw that it was a black trash bag, a moving black trash bag. There was something inside the bag that was desperately trying to get out. In an interview with InsideEdition.com, Lewis said,

“I was scared. It was hard to process, I was afraid something would attack me,”

The unusual sight that Malissa Lewis came upon that morning. Credit: Malissa Lewis / Facebook / Video Screen Grab

Not knowing exactly what was inside the bag, she slowly ripped it open and made a shocking discovery — an adorable black Labrador puppy.

The puppy, which she appropriately named “Hefty”, appeared to be well-groomed and healthy. Lewis said,

“I can’t imagine any reason for anyone to do something like that,”

Here’s a short clip from her video:

Credit: Melissa Lewis / Facebook / Video Screen Grab

She took the puppy with her to work and cared for him all day until she could contact the authorities. Lewis eventually contacted the Harlan County Sheriff’s Department who advised her to keep the dog while they conduct a full investigation to determine who and why someone would commit such a heinous crime.

Credit: Malissa Harlan / Facebook / Video Screen Grab

Animal Control Officer Duncan Caldwell, who is handling the case, said the puppy appears to have been in the bag for no more than 20 minutes when Lewis came upon it that very moment. Despite being a little distressed, it was in relatively good shape and generally appeared unharmed though it was “tied up and [nearly] suffocated”.

But the puppy surely would have died if Lewis hadn’t come upon it that fateful summer morning — either from suffocation, heat stroke, or being ran over by passing cars.

Animal Control is currently still investigating the matter and interviewing potential witnesses who may have more information on the case.

Officer Caldwell stated, “If we do find who’s done it, they will be charged with a felony first-degree torture,”

Lewis and her family have since adopted Hefty who has settled in quite comfortably with his new family.

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