Texas Teacher Pregnant By Her 13-Year-Old Student

Credit: Alexandria Vera / Facebook / Houston PD

Houston, Texas — Many don’t give much thought to female teachers as being possible predators, but in Houston, Texas, one former middle school teacher gave everyone reasons to think twice. In fact, it has been alleged she was carrying her 13 year old victim’s baby before aborting it.

Credit: Facebook

Alexandria Vera, 24, is the former eighth-grade school teacher in the middle of this scandal. She was employed by the Aldine Independent School District and taught English at Stovall Middle School.

Rumours first began to circulate around the school when students noticed Vera and the unnamed student displaying unusual public displays of attraction. In one instance, students witnessed the student grabbing Vera’s buttocks. School officials were alerted by students who then contacted police.

When officials showed up at the school unannounced to question her and the 13-year-old boy, she was reported to have panicked and went on the run for a short time. It was during this time the alleged abortion took place.

Credit: Alexandria Vera / Facebook

Upon questioning, Vera claims she and the boy had sexual relations nearly every day because “they were in love”. She also claims the victim’s family was in support of their illicit relationship, despite the 11 year age difference.

However, she was arrested and booked on charges of “continuous sexual abuse of a child”. Child Protective Services is also investigating the parents for supporting the relationship.

If convicted, Vera faces 25 years to life in prison. She is currently out on bail after posting a $100,000 bond. Vera reportedly has one child from a previous relationship. No mention of how all of this is affecting this child.

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