Teacher Who Doesn’t Speak Spanish Sues For Being Denied Job Teaching Spanish

Coral Reef Elementary School Sign — Palmetto Bay, Florida. Credit: PalmettoBayRealEstateFl.com

Palmetto Bay, Florida — A teacher who doesn’t speak Spanish is suing her current employer for not considering her for a job position that required her to teach the language.

Tracy Rosner, a third-grade teacher at Coral Reef Elementary in Palmetto Bay, Florida, applied to teach an extended foreign language track, which included teaching Spanish for one hour, on a daily basis. However; the school district included a stipulation that anyone employed for teaching Spanish in the extended foreign language, must speak Spanish, which Rosner didn’t. So, she was not given the job.

Elementary School Chalk
Credit: S@veOurSm:) / Flickr / Creative Commons

Rosner didn’t take the rejection lightly. She filed a federal lawsuit last week in the Southern District of Florida, alleging that the policy of hiring only Spanish speakers was an act of discrimination practiced by Florida’s Miami-Dade County against non-Spanish speakers.

The lawsuit also alleges that Rosner, despite the fact that she didn’t speak Spanish, was “fully qualified” for the job. Her suit says she matched the job requirements comprehensively, as was needed of a teacher who taught a foreign language.

The lawsuit also stated that after Rosner’s application was rejected, the school asked her to take on additional teaching responsibilities and then to reapply for the job. She put on record that she sought a reversal of decision from the school district’s superintendent and administration without any recourse.

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