Secret Corpse Stain Hidden in Ohio University’s Building

Credit: WeekInWeird

Athens, Ohio — In the former Athens Lunatic Asylum, now part of Ohio University, there is a grizzly reminder of the sad horrors that took place there in the late 1800s to the late 1990s.

The asylum did not close until 1993, when they donated most of the buildings to Ohio University.

The Old Admin Building of the State Insane Hospital / Credit: Public Domain

Almost immediately, the renovators of the buildings began to notice unusual activity. It was reported there were screams, phones suddenly not working, flickering lights, and disappearing figures.

Margaret Schilling circa 1970s / Credit: Public Domain

The stain shown in the top photo was made by the decayed body of one of the asylums patients, Margaret Schilling. Staff noticed she was missing on December 1, 1979. However, her body was not discovered until 42 days later in an already abandoned building on the grounds.

She was found in a pool of her own bodily fluids, which created the stain. Her body was nude and her clothing was folded up next to her. No one knows what happened and why she was nude and how she became locked in the room.

The stain was never able to be scrubbed away and even glows under fluorescent lighting. To this day, students report to see her appear, as well as other unexplained incidents.

Mary Schilling’s corpse stain as seen under fluorescent light / Source: FreakyLinks / Reddit

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