Risa Hirako: The Woman That Never Ages

Tokyo, Japan — Risa Hirako is one of Japan’s most famous models. In her home country, she can be seen gracing the cover of countless magazines and rubbing elbows on the red carpet with Japan’s celebrity A-listers. However, it wasn’t until last week that she gained international attention.

Her photos went viral on social media, and now the internet is wildly buzzing about her. The main topic of conversation is her age.

Credit: Risa Hirako / Instagram

How old would you say this woman is?

Most people would say mid-20s and some would guess early 30s. Nope, not even close — Risa Hirako is 45 years old. A number that would shock anybody because she doesn’t look a day older than 25 which was my personal guess.

There is some truth to this infographic after all:

Credit: gloon / Reddit

But anyways, here are 3 quick viral facts about Risa Hirako:

1She Was Born On Valentine’s Day 1971

She’s had Cupid on her side since birth and has been stealing hearts ever since.

2Her Personal Blog Gets Millions of Visits Each Month

She has been avidly blogging since 2015 about beauty tips, fashion, health, and fitness. The popularity of her blog and Instagram have since skyrocketed and gets millions of visitors every month!

3She Eats a Daily Diet of Almond Milk, Bananas, and Honey

She believes in a clean diet and loves eating bananas and honey with almond milk. She eats these 3 things every day and she says it helps her stay young. But what ever she’s doing, it seems to be working.

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