Police Say Man Stole Human Brain To Get High

Credit: Cumberland County Prison (PSP)

Carlisle, Pennsylvania — Pennsylvania State Police have arrested a man who was using a human brain to get high.

Joshua Lee Long, 26, had the brain stored in a plastic shopping bag and kept it hidden from his family under the porch of their trailer home.

On June 21, his aunt was cleaning the trailer and made the grisly discovery. She immediately contacted police. Investigators interviewed Long and he confessed to keeping the brain. Long said he used the formaldehyde-soaked brain to spike the marijuana that he and his friends smoked.

Trooper John Boardman, in his official report, wrote “The defendant related that he knew it was illegal to have the brain and that he and (another man) would spray the embalming fluid on ‘weed’ to get high,”.

Long was charged with abuse of a corpse and conspiracy. He was booked into the Cumberland County jail and is currently awaiting trial. Coroners who examined the brain concluded that the specimen is real, and suspect it was used as a teaching specimen. Exactly how Long came in possession of the specimen remains unknown.

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