Peacock Dies of Shock After Tourist Misbehavior

Credit: Sina Weibo
Credit: Sina Weibo

Kunming, China — Only a short time after a sharp outcry against a group of people in Argentina who killed a dolphin by pulling it out of the water and taking pictures of it, another case of people killing an animal for the sake of a selfie came out. In China, at the Tunnan Wild Animal Park near Kunming, officials say it looks like a Peacock died of shock after being harassed by a group of tourists.

The five-year-old peacock was picked up by force and passed around a group of people, who may have even plucked the bird’s feathers for souvenirs. It has been confirmed that the bird died on February 12th. While the incident is still currently under investigation, all signs point to the rough handling as the cause of the bird’s death.

Signs can be found around the zoo which ask visitors to not touch the birds which roam free around the facility. Zoo staff members, however, say there were too many tourists gathering in the area for the misbehavior to be noticed. By the time it was addressed, it was too late for the bird.

A public outcry took place after the photos went viral on the Chinese blogging platform Sina Weibo and spread out to other parts of the internet. Some users even called for extreme punishment to those who were involved with the incident.

The tragic case serves as a reminder of how important it is for people to respect the nature around them. In a selfie culture, it is tempting for people to be reckless with the animal world around them for a cool picture, but people do not realize that animals can die of shock and fear. While these people likely did not know that they were directly harming the animal, the shock is enough to end the life of many wild animals.

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