NYC Woman Murdered, Pushed in Front of Subway Train

▪ Murder occurred in front of horrified commuters during the lunch rush hour
▪ Police don't believe the victim and her assailant knew each other
▪ Witnesses say the two women were arguing moments before the incident

Pictured here is Time Square’s 42nd Street train platform. Credit: Facebook / Flickr / MTAPhotos / CC 2.0 / Derivative Works

New York, New York — A woman died in New York City on November 7, 2016, after another woman shoved her onto the tracks in front of an oncoming subway train, according to the New York Police Department (NYPD).

The crime occurred shortly after the lunch hour at about 1:20 p.m. at New York’s Times Square station. Known officially as the “Times Square-42nd Street/Port Authority Bus Terminal,” the massive subway complex sprawls under Times Square and the Port Authority Bus Terminal at the intersections of 42nd Street, Seventh and Eighth Avenues, and Broadway in Midtown Manhattan. It is the busiest subway station in the system, serving more than 66 million passengers in 2015.

The victim Connie Watton, 49, pictured here with her husband. Credit: Facebook

The 49-year old victim was Connie Watton of Long Island City in the New York City borough of Queens. She was waiting on the platform for the approaching southbound Number 1 when the suspect leaped toward her, pushing her onto the tracks in front of the oncoming train. The victim died instantly and was pronounced dead at the scene.

At the time of the murder, the platform was full of bystanders who looked on in horror as the crime occurred. Some of these witnesses, many of whom were visibly shaken, immediately summoned police.

According to NYPD chief of Manhattan detectives William Aubry, witnesses…

“saw this woman push another woman and they flagged down two police officers.”

Officers apprehended the suspect almost immediately, before she was able to leave the station.

Melanie Liverpool-Turner, 30, has been arrested for the horrific crime. Credit: Facebook

On November 8, police identified the suspect as Melanie Liverpool, 30, of St. Albans, a middle class community in the New York City borough of Queens. Although the victim was also from Queens, police say the two did not know each other. However, some witnesses who saw the crime reported that the two were arguing immediately before the attack took place.

Liverpool was charged with second-degree murder that same day and arraigned at Manhattan Criminal Court. Police say Liverpool, who has a history of mental illness, may have been talking to herself before the incident. She pled not guilty to the charges.

Liverpool is being called “emotionally disturbed,” but Mathew Mari, her attorney, reported that she has not as yet provided any information to him about a medical or psychiatric history.

Soon after being arrested, during interrogation Liverpool admitted she was also responsible for a previous subway death that had been judged to be a suicide. Police are now investigating the other alleged shoving incident, which took place less than three weeks earlier on October 19, 2016, at the 14th Street-Union Square station, the fourth-busiest station in the New York City subway system.

Melanie Liverpool-Turner seen here during her arraignment in court. She has been charged with second-degree murder. Credit CBS News New York / Video Screen Grab

However, during the arraignment Liverpool reportedly said, “I didn’t admit to nothing.”

According to Aubry, police continue to interview the numerous witnesses as they investigate the murder. They are also viewing video surveillance footage of the crime.

The New York City Police Department’s chief of transit, Joseph Fox, visited the scene soon after the crime and said, “What happened here today is tragic.”

Aubry agreed, “It’s a horrible incident and your heart goes out to this family and this victim.”

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