Natalie Henderson & Carter Davis Two Teens Murdered Behind Publix

Roswell, Georgia — On Monday 8/1/2016 at approximately 6:00 AM, a delivery driver made a shocking discovery behind a Publix grocery store — two teenagers, a boy and girl, both lay dead. He immediately called police who launched a investigation and manhunt for the killer(s).

Here are 5 Fast Facts we know so far:

1Both Were Killed by a Single Gunshot Wound to the Head

Source: Facebook

Teenagers Natalie Henderson and Carter Davis were killed by a single gunshot wound to the head. Henderson was a native to Roswell, Georgia, where the bodies were found, while Davis was a resident of Woodstock in the nearby Cherokee County.

Initial police reports did not specify the cause of the death, with statements saying that both had been killed due to a type of head trauma, but that the case was being treated as a homicide. It was later confirmed that this was due to a single gunshot wound to the head of each victim.

2Their Bodies Were Discovered Behind a Publix Store by a Delivery Driver

The bodies of Henderson and Davis were discovered behind a Publix store at around 6am by a delivery driver. It is believed that the two met between 2am and 4am, although their parents thought that they were in bed and had no idea they had left their respective homes.

Police began interviewing individuals for any information, as well as taking surveillance footage of the surrounding area. Roswell police Detective Zachary Frommer said in a statement the following day:

“Early indications are that they were killed there. We don’t really have reason to believe they were killed elsewhere,”

3Jeff Hazelwood Arrested and Charged for Murders

Source: Roswell Police Department

20-year-old Jeffery Hazelwood was arrested early Wednesday, August 3, just two days after the murders had occurred. Police had issued a search warrant for a home in Cobb County to arrest Hazelwood, who was taken into police custody and then charged with two counts of murder according to the local police.

4No Motive for the Killings is Currently Known

Police have yet to release any type of information that relates to Hazelwood’s motive for the murders as they declined to comment during a press conference shortly after his arrest and subsequent charges. However, an unnamed source has said the motive may be robbery. Hazelwood allegedly stole Natalie’s wallet and Carter’s car jumper cables after killing both teens.

Henderson and Davis were not known to be in any type of relationship, having been described as friends by local police. There is also no known connection between the victims and Hazelwood at this current moment either, although it is though that he followed both teenagers behind the building before shooting them.

5Each Victim Was a Standout Student and Very Well Liked

Source: Facebook

Natalie Henderson was a will liked individual at Roswell High School, as too was Carter Davis, who was about to enter his senior year at River Ridge High School. Friends of the victims have been offered grief counseling, and many have taken to social media to pay tribute.

The 6 foot, 180lb Davis was a stand-out athlete, being a member of his high school’s lacrosse team. He also wanted to pursue the sport in college and had turned down the chance to play on his high school football team to focus on lacrosse.

Henderson was also very much a stand-out student at Roswell High School, where she was a member of the school’s color band. She was also a massive fan of music, being an avid singer and guitar player.

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