4 Mysterious Photos Show North Korea’s Human Roller Coaster

Pyongyang, North Korea — In 2012, a tourist snapped some mysterious photos showing hundreds of North Koreans perched on top of a roller coaster rail at a defunct amusement park.

North Korea has proven itself to be a strange country with even stranger ways, but this takes the cake. What exactly is going on here? It’s anybody’s guess….

A friend of this tourist posted these photos on Reddit with the following comment:

“My friend took this photo when we were on a tour to North Korea last summer. When we were up at a cemetery in the mountains he saw this sight below us. It’s in the location of an old, abandoned amusement park in Pyongyang. I have no clue what all these people are doing on top of the roller coaster. Dismantling it? Renovating it? Though there’s already a new, functional amusement park elsewhere.”

1Normal View from Taesongsan Revolutionary Martyrs’ Cemetery

2But After Zooming In, Something Very Weird Is Going On Here

3Hundreds of People Walking On the Rails of a Roller Coaster

4And The Line Just Keeps Going Down The Mountain…

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