Mummified Body of Sailor Found Inside Stricken Yacht

South China Sea, Philippines — The discovery of an abandoned yacht off the coast of the Philippines has revealed more shocking findings after the mummified body of a German adventurer was found inside the boat. The yacht was found by two Filipino fishermen and officials immediately took the vessel to the coast.

The remains of Manfred Fritz Bajorat, 59, were found near the boat’s radio cabin. Police say the cause of Bajorat’s death was unclear even though there were no signs of foul play. A senior police official said that the Bajorat looked as if he “was sleeping”.

Credit: Barobo Police

Bajorat had been declared missing since 2009. However, forensic experts who examined the remains said that Bajorat died just over four days before his yacht was found by the fishermen off Philippine Sea — which throws more mysterious angle to the case.

It was also found that items in the yacht were all scattered. The man’s wallet was also missing but other valuable items like the yacht’s radio and GPS were still intact.

A police spokesperson Goldie Lou Siega said: “We don’t have evidence of any other person on the boat and so far we have no weapons that could be used to kill him.”

Meanwhile, German forensic expert Dr Mark Benecke said that Mr Bajorat could have had a heart attack looking at the way he was seated on the chair. “It appears that the death was unexpected or perhaps it could be due to a heart attack.”

Credit: Barobo Police
Credit: Barobo Police

There are also others who said that the body of Mr. Bajorat could have been preserved in the mummified state due to the dry ocean winds and the salty air.

Bajorat, according to some media reports, had been travelling with his wife in 2008, but the two eventually separated later after which she died of cancer. The German officials in Manila are working with the local officials to locate Bajorat’s family.

Credit: Facebook / Barobo Police
Credit: Facebook / Barobo Police

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