Monster Mummy Found In Siberian Diamond Mine

Udachny, Russia — Diamond miners in the the remote Siberian town of Udachny made a discovery that has cryptozoologists buzzing. They found a mummified creature that is still currently unidentified. Here are the 5 Fast Facts of this strange story:

1The Monster Mummy Was Found in the Frozen Ground of a Diamond Mine in Russia

A miner shows local reporters the “Monster” mummy. Credit: Siberian Times

Local miners at a diamond mine in the Sakha Republic of northern Siberia recently unearthed the mummified remains of an animal which they have since dubbed the ‘monster mummy’.

Upon looking at the remains of the creature, it is understandable why the term monster was applied, as it looks like some sort of alien creature or something from a work of fantasy.

It was found by workers at the Udachny pipe diamond deposit, a massive open-pit diamond that is located in an area close to the Arctic Circle.

2It Was Perfectly Preserved by the Permafrost Conditions of the Area

Credit: Google Maps

Udachny is a town made famous for the diamond pit that was first discovered in 1955. Since then more than 350 million tonnes of ore that contains rough diamonds has been excavated.

The area has sub-arctic conditions, which is some of the most extreme colds anywhere in the world, where averages temperatures in January range from -46 F to -35 F.

These conditions combined with the sands present in the mines are thought to have played a part in the preservation of the remains.

3Experts Believe It Could Be The Remains of a Carnivorous Animal

Some experts believe it may be the mummified remains of a pole cat. Credit: Peter Trimming / Wikimedia Commons

While the miners themselves were left confused by the find, experts have put forth various plausible explanations for what it could be.

Theories include that it could some sort of carnivorous animal such as a wolverine, pole cat, fox, pine marten, or even an otter.

This is attributed to aspects of the mummy’s remains, which includes both canine and molar teeth, a long spine, and paws, all of which are aspects of a mammal. This is further supported by remnants of hair, and all of this has been preserved by the sands it was found in.

4Some Believe It Could Be Much Older

Reports claim that the miners that found the monster mummy thought it could have been a previously undiscovered dinosaur.

This is mainly attributed to the fact that the sand deposits that were found alongside the remains of date back several million years.

The diamondiferous sands present date back to the Mesozoic Era, going back 252 to 66 million years ago. Until further analysis of the remains has been performed though it remains speculation, although the remains of a long-dead mammal are thought to have been the more likely explanation

5The Remains Have Been Sent for Analysis, Which Should Reveal More About the Mummy

Credit: Siberian Times

As the remains were found in the isolated town of Udachny, it must be sent away for more conclusive testing. The remains are now being sent to 1,686 miles southeast to the state’s capital city Yakutsk for analysis, where more light will be shed on what the monster mummy could be.

The bones and morphology of the mummy will be closely analyzed, along with any DNA samples that may have been preserved, which should allow for more accurate detail about its origins and the time it period it lived in.

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