North Korea Creates Nuclear Special Forces Unit

Pyongyang, North Korea — It was during the American Civil War that General William Tecumseh Sherman famously uttered the words “War is hell”. And hell it was, when Sherman ordered that Atlanta be burned to the ground in accordance with his scorched earth policies.

This video screen grab shows North Korea’s “Nuke Squads”. Credit: Youtube / Video Screen Grab

Now over 150 years later, Kim Jong-Un, North Korea’s Supreme Commander and Marshal of the Republic, is prepared to do the same on the Korean Peninsula. Insider sources from within North Korea’s politburo say Kim Jong-Un has ordered his generals to form elite “nuke squads” that is about the size of a battalion (about 800 troops). These crack special forces troops are reportedly hand-picked and vetted by the military’s upper echelons.

In an interview with Radio Free Asia, the insider said,

“Outstanding soldiers were selected from each reconnaissance platoon and light infantry brigade to form the nuclear backpack unit the size of a battalion.”

Troops from these “nuke squads” carry “nuclear backpacks” that weigh anywhere between 22 to 62 lbs. In North Korea’s 2015 military parade, soldiers could be seen wearing these backpacks with the distinctive yellow radioactive fallout sign. And this set the web ablaze about what exactly these backpacks were designed to do. Because in North Korea, you just never know.

Initially, it was rumored that these soldiers were suicide bombers carrying miniature nuclear warheads. However, information recently attained from insider sources say this isn’t the case. These backpacks function very similarly to flamethrowers. But instead of spraying flames, they are designed to spray a radioactive material like uranium.

The source added,

“Once the uranium has been sprayed, people cannot live there for several decades because of radioactive contamination.”

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