Man Tries To Kill Self To Avoid Marrying an Ugly Bride

Credit: People’s Daily

Shiyan, China — Across the world, a wedding is meant to be a ceremonious day of food, fun, and festivities marking the joining of two families. But in Shiyan, China, that day turned into a nightmare when 300 guests witnessed in horror as the groom tried to kill himself upon seeing the first glimpse of his future wife.

Abandoned Bride — Na Sung / Credit: China News

Groom Kang Hu, 33, felt that his arranged bride Na Sung, 30,was too unattractive. So rather than go with the ceremony that would bond the two forever in sickness and in health, he apologized to the guests and told the woman she was “too ugly” to be his wife.

He then ran from the altar and threw himself into the nearby lake. Witnesses called police and the fire department.

Officer Hu Kunshan, who was the first to arrive, described the chaotic scene:

“Dozens of people were lined up along the lake dam screaming and pointing to the victim who was floating motionless face-down in the water”.

Credit: People’s Daily

When fire-fighters arrived, the officer jumped into the lake and helped firemen pull the unconscious man to shore. The man was rushed to a nearby hospital. At last report, he is in stable condition and is expected to make a full recovery.

In an interview with a local reporter, the bride-to-be said she was deeply devastated, and her family and friends were embarrassed by the shocking ordeal. But she remains undeterred and intends to find Mr. Right.

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