Polish Magician Accidently Impales TV Show Host’s Hand During Live Broadcast

Credit: TVP2
Warsaw, Poland — Marzena Rogalska is the host of Question for Breakfast, a popular TV show in Poland similar to the TODAY Show here in the United States. On this episode, Marzena has a special guest who happens to be a magician. But not just any magician — this guy was a semifinalist on Poland’s Got Talent. So he’s not on the wizard level of David Blaine or Chris Angel, but he’s working his way up the magic ladder.
Credit: TVP2
The magician puts three brown paper bags in front of Marzena, and one of those bags contains a nail. The magician tells her to choose a bag to slam her hand onto. If she chooses correctly, she gets to choose again. But if she chooses incorrectly, she gets a sharp object impaled through her hand. What could possibly go wrong…right?
Credit: TVP2
As you guessed it, Marzena chooses the wrong bag and immediately starts whimpering in excruciating pain. She was rushed off stage and taken to the hospital where doctors administered antibiotics and a tetanus shot.
Credit: TVP2
Warning: Don’t Try This At Home. This Guy Is a Professional.
Credit: TVP2

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