The Innovative Straddle Bus May Be the Future of Mass Transit

Credit: Video Screen Grab

Qinghuandao, China — The Straddle bus may be the future of mass transit and is currently being tested live. The creators of this Goliath say it meets the needs of overpopulated cities by utilizing the space above busy streets to transport a massive number of people at once.

This monster can be linked up with three others and each super bus can carry at around 300 passengers, who may otherwise be adding to the congestion on the roadways, sidewalks, and other mass transit vehicles. The Straddle bus was created to alleviate this problem.

Looking more like something out of a sci-fi film, the bus answers the call for cheap transportation by coming in at a sixty percent savings over building a subway.

Tests went live in August and is touted to be saving on emissions already. With all four buses in action, at any given time there could be 1,200 individuals off the streets and not driving or riding on regular buses.

Industry watchers are keeping a close eye on the maiden voyage of the Straddle bus in hopes of it being the solution for many congested cities worldwide.

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