Hunters Kill Monster Alligator Feasting On Cows

Credit: Outwest Farms, Inc. / Facebook

Okeechobee, Florida — Farmers at Outwest Farms noticed their large herd of cattle slowly dwindling. Almost overnight, cows would mysteriously disappear without a single trace.

Thinking they were victims of modern-day cattle rustlers, the farmers hired hunters to track their cattle and hopefully unravel the puzzle.

In an overnight guided hunt, using night-vision and armed with rifles, the hunters tracked the cattle herd — keeping constant sight of it as it roamed across the lush, swampy Florida landscape. The first night revealed no leads — no clues to help solve the lingering mystery.

However on the second night, the hunters made a shocking discovery. As the cattle herd made its way to the lake to drink water, the hunters saw a large looming silhouette of something in the water. It had piercing bright green eyes that were unmistakably visible through their night vision scope.

As the cows drank water, this shadowy silhouette slowly made its way closer and closer to the shore in the direction of the herd. Then suddenly, the monstrous creature rushed out of the water — clamping its powerful jaws on a cow’s and dragged it into the lake.

It was at this moment the hunters knew they had their culprit, and had solved the mystery of the disappearing cattle. It was a monster alligator that lived in the lake. Now the only thing they had left to do was to trap or kill it.

Credit: Outwest Farms, Inc. / Facebook

The hunters decided it would be best to wait until daybreak to hunt the elusive creature. Returning to the lake the next day, they waited patiently for the alligator to surface. Then suddenly, it was sighted just 20 feet from the shore.

As it closer to shore, they sighted the creature in their rifle scope and left off a single shot — striking it center mass in the head — and killing it.

The alligator was so large, they had to use a farm tractor to drag it from the water. It measured 15 feet and weighed over 800 pounds — the largest alligator they had ever seen.

The hunters say they plan to donate the meat to charity and have the remains stuffed by a taxidermist.

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