Heartbroken Abandoned Dog Waited For An Entire Month For His Family To Return

▪ Dog loyally waited by a pile of trash in front of his old home and slept on an old mattress
▪ He was given scraps of food by caring strangers around the neighborhood
▪ Photos of him went viral on social media and he was saved by a local dog rescue

Credit: Facebook / Detroit Youth And Animal Rescue

Detroit, Michigan — Dogs are the perfect addition to any family. Loyal, playful, and above all else full of unconditional love, there aren’t many people whose lives won’t be improved with the addition of man’s best friend.

Unfortunately, not all dog owners are as kind and loving as their furry friends, as evidenced by one family’s treatment of their pup.

1Left behind and thrown away with the trash by his family

Credit: Facebook / Detroit Youth And Animal Rescue

Loveable Boo, a pit bull mix, was on the receiving end of the worst kind of treatment after he was left abandoned by his Detroit family when the moved homes. Perhaps one of the worst aspects behind the poor treatment of Boo was the fact he waited patiently for his family to return, assuming thy would be back any day.

2Boo survived by eating food left by kind strangers

Credit: Facebook / Detroit Youth And Animal Rescue

After photographs of poor Boo emerged on social media, collective hearts where hurting at the sight of the abandoned pup. He was discovered by Mike Diesel of the Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue charity, who found him patiently waiting outside of his old home.

3Waited for over a month for his family but they never returned

Credit: Facebook / Detroit Youth And Animal Rescue

Sitting next to a pile of trash that included an old mattress, Boo remained there for over a month hoping that his beloved family would come back to him. It never happened.

According to their former neighbors, Boo’s family had,

“came back one time, took the belongings that they chose to keep. Unfortunately, that wasn’t Boo.”

Thankfully for Boo, there was some caring people close at hand. Neighbors would provide him with food as well as raising awareness that he needs a new family to take care of him.

After Mike came across Boo, he took the necessary measures in trying to find Boo a loving home. Time and patience was required however, as it took over 15 hours to get Boo to trust Mike.

Once Mike had gained the trust of the lovable Boo he started to make a great recovery from the mental anguish of being abandoned.

“Dogs are the most loyal,” Mike said. “If we can get humans to be anywhere close to that level of compassion then we would have a much better world.”

As his previous owners were all gone by the time Mike found the dog, it was actually his idea to name him Boo. According to Mike, this is because if you look at him from certain angles, his fur markings resemble the word ‘Boo’.

Mike took Boo to the nearby Groesbeck Animal Hospital for treatment, where he remained for 30 days. Now, it’s just a case of finding the healthy pup a loving home, which won’t take too long on the evidence of these gorgeous photos!

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