Man-Eating Crocodiles Invade Florida Swamps

Credit: skeeze / Pixabay

Miami-Dade County, Florida — Researchers from the University of Florida have recently confirmed the existence of man-eating crocodiles in Florida’s swampy landscape, as reported by The Guardian. From 2000 to 2014, the team conducted a research study in Miami-Dade and Hendry counties of four non-native “invasive” crocodile species.

A series of DNA analyses confirmed that two of the four species being studied were genetically linked to the predatory Nile crocodile, which are known to have a taste for human flesh. These crocodiles are can grow up to 20-feet long, and are native to the mangrove swamps, freshwater marshes, and rivers across the African continent.

Credit: Mara_1 / Flickr

The researchers are still baffled and unsure of how these crocodiles came to be in Florida. They suspect the crocodiles may have descended from pets that were illicitly released into the wild. Females are capable of laying up to 100 eggs, which they will protect and guard with deadly ferocity until hatched. So a released female can easily produce an entire float of crocodiles that will overtake any ecosystem in due time.

And unlike their distant cousin the American Alligator, Nile crocodiles can grow larger, are much more aggressive, and will feed on any living thing that crosses their path. In the last two years alone, Nile crocodiles have been responsible 493 attacks on humans, and 354 of those attacks were fatal.

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