Dog Waits on Door Steps for Murdered Owner to Come Home

Source: Maranda Perez / Facebook
Credit: Maranda Perez / Facebook

Houston, Texas — Anyone who is a fellow dog lover knows that the emotional intelligence of a canine is astounding. Dogs attach themselves to their owners and form a very real bond with them. This fact was no more evident than when, just in the last few weeks, people began to notice a German Shepherd acting strangely at his home.

The dog would wait on the doorstep of his home day after day, chasing cars and slumping back to the doorstep when he realized it wasn’t his human. What happened? Unfortunately, this pup’s owner was killed during a robbery while working at a convenience store.

The dog didn’t want to give up on his owner so easily. For weeks, the dog shied away from other residents and sat on his doorstep in a state of depression. Luckily, people in the area knew what had happened and left food and water out for the dog so he could survive.

Source: Maranda Perez / Facebook
Credit: Maranda Perez / Facebook

“Of course he’s confused, because he doesn’t know what’s going on. He hadn’t seen his owner in two weeks”, said a neighbor who often noticed the dog.

One woman, Maranda Perez, decided to take it upon herself to help the grieving dog. Bringing her own shepherd to the scene, Perez eventually got the dog to warm up to her and become friendly. It took time, as the dog was not being friendly with any of the neighbors. She said he was still scared and shaken up at first.

Perez took the dog home to stay with her and waited for the brother of the late owner to take him in. This courageous and loyal dog lost his owner, and went through a very real and legitimate grieving period over it, but thankfully it looks like he is going to adjust just fine to his new owner and new life.

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