Dog Guarding Dead Friend Gets Rescued

Credit: Samuel Flores

Dallas, Texas — A heartbreaking photo showing a dog guarding the body of his deceased friend has animals lovers buzzing. On the morning of Nov 8th, 2015, Good Samaritan Samuel Flores was driving down the Mountain Creek Parkway to get some breakfast.

Flores told ABC News, “I actually never take that route, I looked to my right and said, ‘Oh my God, there’s this big white dog.’ I was kind of heartbroken. There was a bunch of cars passing by and nobody was stopping and I knew I had to do something”.

Flores stopped but was hesitant to approach the dog, so he snapped a picture and sent it to local animal rescuer Julie Fennell. About an hour-and-a-half later, Fennell and another rescuer, Jessy Faiferlick,  arrived on scene.

Credit: Samuel Flores

Fennell said, “When Jessy first got there, he kind of barked at her to warn her “Don’t come over to my friend’s body,” “We sat down next to him and he gave Jessy his paw.” “Dogs have feelings and his friend had something tragic happen to her. When people got there, he still stayed. He wouldn’t move. He wanted to stay there and guard his friend.”

The dog, who they’ve named “Brian”, and his deceased companion were both taken to Dallas Animal Services where veterinarians believe they were both struck by a passing car. Veterinarians learned that Brian was a stray, and promptly reunited him with his family. His deceased companion, named Marley,  was given a proper burial.

Dallas Animal Services has released the following statement:

“Dallas Animal Services is grateful for the community’s assistance in reuniting the Great Pyrenees with his family,” they wrote. “The dog was found standing guard over the body of his lifelong canine companion, a one-year-old Shepherd mix named Marley, who died after being hit by a car. The photos created a wave of support and encouragement for the dog through social, local and national media, reminding people that dogs have the capability to love too.”

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