Deep Sea Fisherman Shows Off His Strangest Catches

Credit: Instagram / Roman Fedortsov

Murmansk, Russia — There’s estimated to be about 20,000 species of fish and about 2 million species of animals and plants living in the world’s oceans. Most of those species are still unknown because they live in the deepest parts of the ocean that have yet to be explored. The thought of that alone makes things a little unsettling.

The vast uncertainty that exists makes it impossible to know what creatures may be lurking below the surface of those deep cold waters. But for Roman Fedortsov, it’s all in a day’s work because he makes his living catching those creatures. Each time he pulls up his net, he always finds something he hasn’t seen before.

Here are 5 of his most recent strange catches:

1The gaping mouth of a frilled shark?

Credit: Instagram / Roman Fedortsov

2An unidentified species of shark

Credit: Instagram / Roman Fedortsov

3Also known as rat tails, grenadiers have large bulging eyes

Credit: Instagram / Roman Fedortsov

4The strange teeth of a chimaera

Credit: Instagram / Roman Fedortsov

5A rare ceratiidae also known as the black sea devil

Credit: Instagram / Roman Fedortsov

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