Chun Man “Vincent” Tse, The Man Killed In Road Rage Incident

Credit: The Tse Family

Flushing, New York City — Chun Man “Vincent” Tse, 68, was a retired carpenter who volunteered 5 days a week at the Rosenthal Self-help Senior Center. He made himself handy by doing whatever he could to help those in need — cooking, fixing things, running errands, etc. He was on his way to the center when he got into a minor fender bender with Cleamons Anderson, and this cost him his life.

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168-Year-Old Retiree Chun Man “Vincent” Tse Dies After Suffering Wounds from a Road Rage Incident

New York resident Chun Man “Vincent” Tse was punched into a coma after an apparent road rage incident occurred on July 22. He was swiftly taken to hospital afterwards but would die from his injuries, which included two swollen black eyes and a brain hemorrhage.

Tse was repeatedly punched by motorist Cleamon Anderson, 44 after an argument ensued due to an apparent fender bender.

The video footage [seen above] of the incident was captured by Tse’s dashboard camera, although the actual physical altercation occurred off camera.

2He Was On His Way to the Senior Center Where He Volunteered

Credit: Google Maps

As a regular volunteer at the Rosenthal Self-help Senior Center, Tse was a soft-spoken individual known for his friendly demeanor and great cooking skills. A retired carpenter, he would also perform maintenance around the center, using his skills as a handyman to fix things up. He was on his way to the center where he volunteered five days a week, but he wouldn’t make it there, with the tragic encounter taking place a mere block away.

3His Injuries Put Him In a Week-Long Coma Before His Eventual Death

Credit: The Tse Family via The Washington Post

Police found him lying unconscious after the incident. He was placed on a stretcher and taken to a nearby hospital where doctors attempted to reduce the swelling in his brain via surgery, but they admitted the outlook wasn’t great.

He remained in a coma for more than a week after the assault, but was then taken off life support. The medical examiner then ruled that his death was a homicide.

4Cleamon Anderson Faces Murder Charges after Initially Being Charged With Assault

Hundreds of people protesting in support of Vincent Tse, demanding tougher charges against Anderson. Credit: Facebook / Jerry Lo

After it was ruled that his death was a homicide, there was protests from senior citizens at the center where Tse volunteered. Many elected officials also attended, including Assemblyman Ron Kim, who pressed that the most severe charges possible be issued to Anderson in the hopes of sending a strong message.

Anderson, 44, had initially been charged with assault and was released on $50,000 bail, but now there are investigations underway to see whether these can be upgraded to homicide charges, with it looking increasingly likely that this will happen. Anderson also has previous arrests for drugs, grand larceny, and robbery.

5Anderson’s Sister May Have Tried to Cover Up the Incident

Source: Pixabay / SoFuego / Creative Commons

Robin Anderson Scott was a passenger in her brother’s SUV. She was present throughout the entire incident and has been accused of lying to police officers in an attempt to cover up the true nature of what happened.

An NYPD school safety agent, she later claimed to responding officers that Tse had actually fallen down by accident, but upon viewing nearby video footage they found this to be a lie and that Tse had been knocked down by her brother.

Scott is the subject of an internal NYPD probe. She has since been suspended and will more than likely face department charges due to her conduct.

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