Chinese Millionaire Vows to Save Dogs from Cruel Death

Credit: CEN / DailyMail

Changchun, China — While some people in China consider dog a delicious meat, one man, Wang Yan, has vowed to save them from a horrible death.

He was a successful millionaire who owned a steel factory, but he gave up his fortune to pursue a life of rescuing dogs. It all started when Yan was 29, when he lost his own beloved pet dog.

People around him suggested that he searched for his dog at the butcher’s shop. While his dog wasn’t there, Yan stuck around, watching horrified as the dogs were being brutally murdered.

Credit: CEN / DailyMail

Yan couldn’t take this lightly, and he began buying dog after dog from the butcher’s shop to keep them from being killed. In fact, he vowed to buy every single one.

After a while, Yan ran out of room to house his many dogs. He decided to cease operations at his factory and turn it into the “Changchun Animal Rescue Base” — giving up millions to save the lives of those few precious dogs.

Well, few may not be the word. Yan has saved thousands of dogs to date, and there are around 200-300 at any given time. The dogs Yan takes in mostly come from slaughterhouses where volunteers rescue them. The dogs are later adopted by loving owners.

Credit: CEN / DailyMail

After this expensive endeavor, Yan is now in debt, with his fortune evaporated. He only worries how he is going to keep the dogs warm throughout the cold winter. Even though he has lost everything, he won’t accept monetary donations. In an interview with local reporters, Yan said:

“I do not accept monetary donations. I only hope that kind-hearted people will be able to donate a few supplies to help build a home for these 200 dogs”

If it weren’t for people like Yan, the many stray dogs which wandering his part of China would be sent to the slaughterhouse and killed.

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