British Airways Pilot Suspended After Allegedly Taking Raunchy Selfies During Flights

▪ British Airways is still investigating the photographs
▪ Were the photographs taken during a live flight or inside a simulator?
▪ Pilot has been flying since 1990 and has been grounded

"G-YMMU@LHR 30JUN13" by c38astra is licensed under CC BY-SA
A British Airways Boeing 777 making a landing at London Heathrow airport. Credit: Flickr / Robert Underwood / CC 2.0

Hounslow, United Kingdom — British Airways pilot captain Colin Glover has redefined what it means to be in the mile-high club — 38,000 feet in the air.

Glover, 51, has been suspended after claims he took raunchy photos of himself in stockings while performing sex acts during flights. Glover has denied the claims, saying he isn’t the person in the photograph. The pilot regularly captains long-haul flights in a Boeing 777, the same as the aircraft depicted in the photos.

"777 Cockpit" by Blyzz is licensed under CC BY-ND
Inside the cockpit of a Boeing 777. Credit: Flickr / Jim Sher / Creative Commons

In the series of photographs, a pilot is seen in an empty cabin taking photographs of himself in various lurid poses while wearing female stockings.

Another photograph shows his legs draped over the control panels of the plane, with another showing his legs over the joystick as he reveals his manhood. Another shows him with exposed genitals, believed to have been taken in the cabin toilet.

Additional photos show a pornographic magazine spread over the controls as well as X-rated playing cards scattered around. In each image the cockpit appears to be empty apart from the man taking the photos, with no co-pilot in sight.

It is thought that serial numbers present on the control panels have revealed that the incident occurred on two different British Airways planes.

A British Airways spokesman said in a statement:

“We are taking these allegations extremely seriously.”

Glover has been a pilot since 1990 and continues to claim his innocence. If the evidence doesn’t exonerate him, then it will likely end his career as a commercial airline pilot.

There are reports that the investigation will aim to work out if the photos may have been taken inside a flight simulator. This could be the case given the serial number, GYMMB, is featured in the company’s simulators –- although they are also registered to a Boeing.

Additionally, the second serial number visible, GVIIL, is used for one of the Boeing 777s currently in use by the British Airways fleet.

Chris Yates, a renowned airline safety expert, gave his thoughts on the matter by stating how he believes the photos were not taken inside a simulator. He also spoke of how dangerous a scenario this would have been if indeed the photos were taken mid-flight.

“This is very dangerous if the plane is in mid-flight…If you are flying, you can fly into serious turbulence…This person is in danger of losing his aircraft and his job.”

He went on to add:

”You can tell by the lighting it is a plane…There is also more going on in the control panels than on a ­simulator. It looks a live aircraft.”

According to a former British Airways pilot, the cabin toilet featured in one of the images is only found on live aircraft and not inside the flight simulator. British Airways has since confirmed that the photographs are still under investigation, and that they first need to determine whether the photographs were taken during a live flight or a flight simulator.

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