When a Robber Meets a Boxing Champion

Credit: Bradenton Police Department
Credit: Bradenton Police Department

Bradenton, Florida — One of the top trending news of the Valentine’s Day was when a bystander stopped a robbery at the Florida Walgreens with a few jabs and hooks!

According to the police, a masked robber in a hoodie, named Anthony Nemeth, walked in Walgreens on Cortez Road, 59th Street Florida. Anthony climbed on top of the store counter and demanded all of the store’s Oxycodone 30 Milligram.

At first, the shopkeeper could not believe that they were being robbed but Anthony made it quite clear as he had a gun, as stated by the Bradenton Police. However, David West, who was standing on the left side of the counter, felt that Anthony did not have a gun and decided to stop the robbery. David is said to be a 25-year-old boxing champion holding two state boxing titles.

David was visiting his girlfriend and did not want to hurt anyone, as he told the police. After David sensed Anthony did not have a weapon on his, he walked to him and jumped into action. He brought Anthony down from the counter and started by tearing of his hoodie. It took Davis four punches to knock Anthony out cold as narrated by Davis.

When West was asked what happened, he told the whole story and added a line at the end in which he told Anthony to use this incident as a turning point in life.

The police has put an attempted robbery charge on Anthony Nemeth and are currently holding him in the Manatee County Jail with a $15,000 bond.

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