Arsonist Caught On Video Accidentally Setting Himself On Fire

Credit: Madisonville Police

Madisonville, Kentucky — Police are on the look out for a man who attempted to torch a barbershop, but accidentally set himself on fire. The crime was captured by the business’s surveillance video camera.

Investigators stated that there were actually two suspected arsonists involved in the act. The duo arrived in a white Ford minivan before indulging themselves in vandalism Sunday morning. The video reveals a woman breaking a window behind the building, before her male accomplice emerges from the minivan holding a lit Molotov cocktail — a crude combustible device filled with flammable liquid.

The man is then shown hurling the dangerous incendiary device at the frontal area of the building, while getting a back splash of the flammable liquid on his shorts which caught on fire. The video then shows the suspect’s left leg being engulfed in flames, as he runs alarmingly across the parking lot, before making an escape into a nearby lawn and disappearing from the view.

A few seconds later, the man is visible again; wearing just one sneaker.  He throws a sock engulfed in flames, into the air as he dashes towards the van.  The suspect is then seen grabbing a bottle of liquid, probably another incendiary and hurls it at the backdoor of the building.

The video ends with both suspects fleeing the crime scene in the minivan. The police released the video on Monday so that the public could provide assistance in nabbing the suspects.

Anyone who has any information concerning this incident can call the Madisonville Police Department at (270) 821-1720

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