90-Year-Old Man Charged With Soliciting Prostitute, Gives Epic Reply

Credit: geralt / Pixabay / Creative Commons

Dennis Port, Massachusetts — An elderly man from Dennis Port turned himself into police after being charged with soliciting a prostitute, following his report to police of an alleged theft in his home on June 30.

Mystery Woman
Credit: CC / Pixabay

The Cape Cod Times, citing court documents as the source, reported that on June 22, Nicholas Salerno (90) paid Karen Proja (48), $100 to perform a sex act. He said that he let her use the bathroom in his house, only to find out hours later that a prized necklace was missing. When he called police to report the incident, they informed him that a prostitute named Karen Proja had stolen his neckace.

A police officer apparently informed Salerno that he would be charged with soliciting a prostitute. The court documents reported his epic reply,

“I don’t give a fuck. I’m 90 years old.”

Detectives were able to trace the necklace to Bass River Coins, a local pawn shop in neighboring South Yarmouth. Both Salerno and Proia appeared in court for arraignment on Tuesday. Proia was charged with theft and prostitution. Both plead not guilty and are awaiting trial.

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