80 Shackled Skeletons Believed To Be Ancient Greek Execution

Credit: EuroNews / Youtube / Video Screen Grab

Athens, Greece — Archaeologists stumbled upon at least 80 shackled skeletons in an ancient Greek cemetery. They believe the conditions of the skeletons give testimony to a mass execution that took place around 632 BC.

The findings show that the bodies were of young people who were in good health, before they were murdered. There is still an air of mystery as to who these people were or why they were condemned to death. Dr. Stella Chryssoulaki, chief archaeologist, said:

”They have been executed, all in the same manner. But they have been buried with respect.”

The deaths are believed to have been violent, as most of the bodies were recovered with arms bound over their heads and their jaws wide open. However; the way the skeletons were aligned show that the bodies may have been buried with due deliberation, leaving researchers to believe they were not mere slaves or common criminals.

Some believe that the skeletons may be of the supporters of Athenian noble Cylon, who planned a coup with his father-in-law Megara. History shows that while Cylon made an escape, his followers were executed.

The skeletons have been subjected to DNA tests which may offer more conclusive clues on who these people really were. The cemetery dates from between the 8th and 5th century BC. In addition to the shackled skeletons, the dig team believes it is the final resting place for more than 1500 bodies, including infants who were buried in ceramic pots.

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