Rapper Kid Cali Shot Dead at Mansion Pool Party

Los Angeles, California — On Aug. 20th, the up-and-coming rapper known as “Kid Cali” was attending a mansion pool party in the affluent neighborhood of Grenada Hills in Los Angeles, California. Sometime during the early evening, shots rang out and everybody started running for their lives. Initial reports say 3 men were hit by the hail of gunfire including Kid Cali. But Cali was the only one fatally wounded.

Here are the 5 Fast Facts about what we know:

1Rapper Was Shot Dead at Mansion Pool Party in Granada Hills

LA-based rapper Kid Cali was shot to death after a fight broke out at a Granada Hills pool party. The shooting occurred on Saturday August 20th and it is reported that Cali was shot a total of six times. He was then rushed to a nearby hospital where he would die from his injuries.

Two other individuals were also reportedly shot, although they are said to be in a stable condition and will likely survive.

Cali was attending the “Millions of Models Mansion Pool Party” with over 100 other guests in attendance, most of whom fled after gun shots rang out.

2Cali Was a Well-Known Rapper in the LA Hip-Hop Community

Kid Cali, real name Justin Lishley, was a highly respected rapper within the LA hip-hop community and had recently been performing under the moniker Cali Oso. At one point he was signed with Jaccpot Entertainment, the record label of NFL player DeSean Jackson, although they recently released a statement saying that he was no longer affiliated with the label at the time of the shooting.

Credit: The Game / Instagram

Prominent LA rappers such as Snoop Dogg and Game took to social media to pay their respects to the rapper, with the latter calling for an end to the gun violence that plagues the city.

3Eyewitnesses Have Said the Shooter Fled the Scene

This image shows Kid Cali being rushed to a hospital where he would eventually succumb to his injuries. Credit: Entertainment News / Video Screen Grab

Dorthea Devilla was a close friend of Cali’s, and was standing just a few feet from her friend when the shooting occurred. She said he had been involved in an altercation just before the shooting. She said in an interview,

“We just heard gunshots, everybody instantly just ducked and everybody started running. Then I heard Justin was shot and I ran back. He was laying on the ground and I held his hand. It took ages for the paramedics to come. He was talking with a gunshot wound in his shoulder, his back and hand and I tried to keep him awake. You’re not going to die, I told him.”

Many eyewitnesses reported that the shooter then fled the scene shortly after Cali was shot.

LAPD’s Operations-Valley Bureau Homicide Detective Richard Moakley said,

“There is definitely some sort of gang connection to this case, but I don’t know if Kid Cali was involved, whether it was the party or the participants”

4The Suspect Has Yet to Be Apprehended

Credit: Kid Cali / Instagram

Despite there being many eye-witnesses, the LAPD have yet to arrest or release any information regarding a description of the suspect.

As there were such a high number of potential witnesses, the authorities have encouraged them to come forward to help provide information in what has been called a “solvable homicide“.

5Video Footage Could Provide New Leads

Kid Cali was shot in the backyard of this mansion located at the 12400 block of Longacre Ave in Granada Hills. Los Angeles, California. Credit: Google Maps

One of the biggest hopes of finding the assailant is the fact that there is lots of video footage from the mansion where the pool-party was being held.

This image shows police crime scene tape in front of the mansion. Credit: KTLA 5 News / Video Screen Grab

Being located in an affluent neighborhood meant that there was plenty of security cameras, and there is believed to be as much as 60 hours of footage recorded.

Los Angeles Police Department Deputy Chief Bob Green said in a statement:

“There is plenty of video. There is probably 60 hours plus. Some is good quality and some is poor.”

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