College Professor Pushed Off Cliff By His Friends

Potter Township, Pennsylvania — A professor of communications and media studies from Penn State University was murdered by his so-called friends. They lured him to an abandoned quarry by promising him a secret marijuana harvest, and pushed him off a cliff. Who needs enemies when you have friends like these. Here are the 5 Fast Facts of what we know so far.

1Penn State Professor Ronald Bettig Pushed Off 80-Foot Cliff Into a Quarry

Professor Ronald Bettig (left) was murdered by his so-called friends (right). Credit: Penn State University / College of Communications / Centre County Correctional Facility

The body of Penn State professor Ronald Bettig was discovered in a quarry on Wednesday, August 24th after he had been reported missing since Aug 12th.

Police reported that he had been led to the quarry “under a ruse” by the suspected killers, who lured the 56-year-old to Blackhawk Quarry in Potter Township under the premise of harvesting marijuana plants located on the nearby cliff.

After climbing the cliff with one of the suspects, he was pushed, falling 80 feet to death in the quarry below. Initially one man was arrested on suspicion of murder, followed by a female accomplice.

2The Two Suspects That Have Been Arrested Were Said to Be Friends with Bettig

George Ishler, 39, and Danelle Geier, 32, had both been friends with the media studies professor and it is reported that Geier was living with Bettig too, having been in a relationship with him for some time.

Police have said that they both “were known drug users”.

They had initially told police that he might have fled to California after waiting three days to report him missing, and it was only after discovering inconsistencies with their stories that police arrested them.

3They Allegedly Killed Him Because They Thought They Had Been Named in His Will

This undated photo provided by Penn State shows Professor of Communications and Media Studies Ronald Bettig. Credit: Penn State University / College of Communications

It is alleged that the two plotted to kill Bettig after believing that he had recently added them into his will. They actually had an original plan that involved Ishler drowning Bettig in the ocean during a trip to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

While this never came to fruition, authorities have claimed that Geier texted Ishler saying “So ready I am pissed off”, which they believe is a direct reference to her willingness to kill Bettig.

Eventually the two formulated the plan that involved pushing Bettig off the cliffs at Blackhawk Quarry.

4 The Two Suspects Faked the Scene to Cover Their Tracks

This photo shows Blackhawk Quarry in Potter Township where Ronald Bettig was found dead. Credit: Youtube / PennLive / Video Screen Grab

The suspects plan to lure Bettig to the quarry involved them convincing him that there were marijuana plants located on the cliffs that the pair could harvest.

After driving them to the planned location, Ishler pushed Bettig down from the cliff where he fell to his death. Once they had committed the murder, the pair would stage the scene in an attempt to cover their tracks and make it seem like Bettig was there alone.

They moved his water bottle, flashlight, hand rake, and bag closer to the quarry were his body lay as well as parking his car closer to the scene. Once three days had passed, they reported Bettig and his car missing.

5Both Suspects Have Been Arrested and Charged with Murder

Police say the suspects hashed out a plan to kill Bettig by luring him to the quarry with promises of a secret marijuana harvest along the cliffs. Credit: Centre County Correctional Facility

After emerging as the main suspects for the murder, Ishler was arrested and charged on Friday, 19 August, while Geier was arrested and charged the following day.

Ishler was charged with first-and third-degree murder, while Geier was arraigned on charges of first-and-third-degree, aggravated assault, evidence-tampering, and conspiracy.

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