After 49 Years, Murdered 13-Year-Old Comes Home

Credit: File Photos / Greensburg Police Department

Greensburg, Pennsylvania — In September of 1967, young Teala Thompson left home and was never heard from again. This is every parents worst nightmare. Teala’s sister, Mary, was just old enough to know her sister was missing, but too young to understand then what it all meant.

However, she never stopped thinking about her sister and wonder where she was. Well, thanks to the cold-case detective, Brian Gross, Mary got her answer.

Little Teala’s body was actually found in 1967, but was unidentified and thus buried in an unmarked potter’s grave, as ordered by the courts. A tip lead Gross to look for her there.

After being allowed to exhume her body, with the use of dental records and DNA testing, it was proven this “Jane Doe” was in fact Teala Thompson. Her murdered body had been dumped in a landfill by her killer.

When the news came from Detective Gross, Mary was filled with mixed emotions. She was happy her sister had finally come home, but heartbroken it was in death.

“We’re grateful, but we’re still hurting,” Mrs. Thompson said about finally getting decades overdue answers of where her sister had been.

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